Friday, January 25, 2013

Does Fidelity National Title prepare Grant Deeds??

When you use Fidelity National Title for your title and escrow services who prepares and records the Grant Deed?  How is it determined what is going to get recorded?  And is this not what Fidelity National Title Insurance Company insures?  And if they do insure the legal description in the Grant Deed - don't they review what they are insuring???????

And here is the screen shot from the Fidelity National Title Company website:

So through their "nationwide network of direct operations and agents, FNTIC provides..."  "escrow and closing services"  .... and   "Recordings".  So who actually researches for the Preliminary Title Report and who prepares the Grant Deed (the physical document) and who actually records it?  And per this statement doesn't it look like FNTIC provides escrow and closing services?  Isn't the recording of the Grant Deed part of the closing service?

So the recording of the original sale was "requested by Fidelity National Title Company" and it mentions the escrow and title numbers.  And per the Fidelity National Title Insurance Company they provide these services.  Oh well, I am certain that the statement they make in this legal document is just another legal "loophole" in the structure of Fidelity National Title (whatever) to be able to avoid responding.

It makes me wonder though - if Fidelity has gone to such great lengths to structure their company so that they appear to be able to avoid answering questions and requests - what are they trying to hide?????

It appears in all of the documents that the Claims Counsels had access to all of these documents but they only provided the "claims file" so somehow none of these documents made their way into that file.  If you were Claims Counsel and you were investigating this claim - wouldn't you want to figure out what happened????