Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Fidelity National Title Employ Escrow and Title Officers

This is my personal favorite of things which the attorneys for Fidelity National Title Law Group (at least I think that is who employed them) asserted repeatedly:

So the "Responding Party" is 'Fidelity National Title Insurance Company' and it was stressed during the law suit that the escrow and title services were performed by 'Fidelity National Title Company' and therefore, for example, the Responding Party did not have documents for employees it did not employ.

I consider this a dodge and an excuse for not producing documents but making it even more confusing for me is a screen shot that I took of the Fidelity National Title Insurance Company website this morning:

I can see this is hard to read so hopefully this close up is clearer:

So according to their website they provide escrow and closing services - so how can they do that without employing escrow officers?  And I will have to do some digging but they also denied recording the Grant Deeds that included Parcels Two through Five.  And yet is states right here that FNTIC performs services such as this??????????????????

Now I am certain that there must be some legal nuance that allows them to make such statements and get away with it - as I do not think even the Fidelity National Title attorney's would be so blatant about lying.  But as a consumer reading this (and considering that from this website I can click directly through to the Fidelity National Title Company website) I would and did assume that in my case "FNTIC also performs other title- related services such as" "Escrow" and "Recordings".

I do though find it interesting unless it is included under "underwriting" it that the title portion and the research is not specifically included as this is the work that is actually being insured.  But again this might be included under the "underwriting" portion of this description.

At any rate I personally feel that the structure here is and was very misleading at least to me.  And I was a real estate broker - I cannot imagine how many other clients of Fidelity have no idea the nuances of the distinctions of the corporate structure of this company and that this allows deniability.