Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Fidelity National Title Make Mistakes?????

Does Fidelity National Title Make Mistakes????  And, if so, does Fidelity National Title take responsibility for those mistakes?

First, and this is true for many of the Responses of Fidelity National Title "the request seeks documents that are not relevant to the subject matter of this action, are not admissible, and do not appear reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence."

Am I crazy??????????????

Considering the subject of the claim was Parcels Two, Three, Four and Five were first put into the Preliminary Title Report (as I have mentioned previously it appeared they were not in the seller's grant deed - so therefore were not his to convey), I questioned the Escrow Officer on the Prelim and was referred to the Title Officer who provided me documents (which I am assuming was researched) of the easements in question.  Then Fidelity National Title provided the Grant Deed that was recorded with these parcels.  Considering that they do a diligent search of the public records per their website - don't you think that looking at the previous Grant Deed recorded for the seller of the property might be a good place to start?

Why were these parcels added into my Preliminary Title Report?  Why were they included in the Grant Deed that was recorded for the original sale of the property and again when it was refinanced?  And then a title officer decided that they should not be conveyed and then a year into the claim it Fidelity decided that perhaps they were valid - but did not explain this to me - and they wondered the effect this had on the marketability of the property???????????????

And private information of the other parties?  Isn't the sale price, etc. a matter of public record?  And even if their was information (the only thing I can think of would be the loan documents but it was all my loans so it would only be my information) that was private with the first escrow - certainly all of the title search documentation, my request to see the title officer, etc. is not and could have been provided.

At least that is my opinion - and a lot of this is not proving that Fidelity was incorrect or not - for me a lot of it is answering questions and perhaps taking responsibility for errors made.  As a professional I make mistakes - and I take responsibility for those mistakes.